Too much advice from Mom

Q. I am a new mother and of course I appreciate “helpful advice” from both my mother and mother in law but at every corner I feel like I am getting a lecture on what to do or even what I am doing wrong. This “advice” is putting a strain on my relationships. Do you have any suggestions what I can do to end the constant advice without damaging the relationship?
Auntie A: Well you’ve heard that saying that “mother knows best” and now that also includes YOU! You are new to the club though, as a first time mommy; and so the two most influential women in your life are sharing through their experiences in an effort to help you. I remember quite well receiving unsolicited advice about everything from breast feeding to spankings, in fact I myself am still receiving from my mother in law and I’ve been parenting for almost 20 years!  It will not end because instinctively we as mothers want to ease the stress of the biggest job on earth. If you feel though that these little tidbits are an attempts to control you then I would very nicely say “thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” After repeating that a few times they will get the hint without you having jeopardized the relationship!IMG_4812.jpg

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