What is the proper way to say thank you?

Q. Recently my daughter had a birthday party and she received quite a few gifts. Although she personally thanked each of her guests that day at the party, I have asked her to write each person and send a thank you note. I asked her a second time and she said “Mom, I will just text them.” I understand this generation has succumbed to spending their lives on their phone but I do not think this is the proper way to thank someone for a gift. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for me or for her?

Auntie A: My dear you are both correct.  Old school rules would state when you throw a party for yourself and your friends bring you gifts then you absolutely must write each of them a thank you note, mentioning what they got you and how much you are or will enjoy it, and it must be done in a timely manner. Usually the time frame is within a month. However, your daughter is also correct that if she already thanked them a simple  text would be just fine. That generation has a new way of communicating and in these circumstances texting would be acceptable.

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