Citrus Marmalade Salve

Granny used to always put mentholated cream on her lips at night and it kept her from ever having chapped lips. Sometimes I slather on a dollop of ponds cold cream and just let that sit on my face and lips overnight. Often I end up tasting it there next morning! During the spring though I do not need as much moisturizer as I do in the winter months so
I opt for an eye treatment and then a salve for my lips. ( see the amazing egg eye mask)

My Citrus marmalade salve is perfect for keeping my lips soft and supple and it tastes good too!

You’ll need: 1/2 orangezest from the orange

1tsp. honey

2tsp. petroleum jelly

2 drops of vitamin E oil

6 drops of essential oil de orange

Heat up the orange juice, zest, honey and stir until the consistency changes then add 1/2 teaspoon of this syrup to the petroleum jelly and stir in the oils. Place in a small airtight container. Be sure to use topically approved oil de orange.

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