Pinky Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

You can brighten up your face complexion by using a Rejuvenating scrub. I love to try new ones each spring and I make them up and then keep them in the refrigerator. They usually keep for a week so you can use more than once or use on all the rough parts that have been covered up over the cooler months. They are so easy to make and so affordable that it seems silly spending lots of money over store bought when you can easily make them yourself!

 One of my favorites is my Pinky Grapefruit sugar scrub.

You need: 1 cup of sugar

2 Tbs. of squeezed grapefruit juice

and 1 tbs. olive oil

Mix all ingredients together and then place in a glass jar for keeping. Use in the tub all over your face and any rough spots and rinse. The juice will act as an astringent and the oil will soften as the sugar pulls off all the drab dry skin leaving you just glowing!

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