Amazing Anti-aging eye mask

Our skin is always begging for moisture and there’s an easy way to keep it hydrated and on the cheap! No matter what the season you can whip up an eye mask to hydrate and de stress. Try my Amazing Anti-aging Eye Mask and sit with a great book and a cup of tea for a little YOU Time!


What you’ll need:

Vitamin E oil and egg whites are the key ingredients in this eye mask. The property of both are a staple in many over the counter products to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It is so easy to make your own using the same basic ingredients. 

You’ll need: 2 egg whites whipped and one capsule of Vitamin E oil. Blend the oil into the egg whites and then using a makeup brush gently place under eyes and on forehead where you see wrinkles. After about the amount of time it will take to drink a cup of tea, rinse that baby off and viola! 

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