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Sustainable farm to table living is vital to a healthy lifestyle. It is not easy to plant seeds and nurture them into tiny plants, let alone harvest the garden and have the know how to prepare something tasty and well worth the wait. Digging in the earth and watching God’s magic work to transform a seed to a piece of fruit or vegetable is a lesson that every child deserves to experience.

I have been fortunate enough to have met and friended many people from many walks of life. Foodies are some of my favorite friends because we share so much in common. Food sustains us, makes us feel good and is the perfect backdrop for almost any social occasion. Two of my most favorite foodie friends are Chef Tarsha and Chef Jim. Chef Tarsha is an award winning chef who brings her love for home cooking and teaching children to create an amazing experience of sharing her knowledge about food with others. Chef Jim has an award winning restaurant at his Turquoise Grill has a heart of gold as well; the first time I walked in his place he offered his home in Turkey for me to go write and enjoy the Turkish people! James Edward was in his kitchen cooking side by side with him from that first night we met. There have been many nights since.

Many nights and many stories, cause that’s what friends do over food, share stories and their knowledge amongst other things. One afternoon Chef Tarsha and I were having a meal together and talking about children not knowing where their food comes from, heart disease, diabetes and generally living a healthy life. She shared with me that she had been planting a garden in Houston, teaching children where their food comes from and how once harvested to create delicious good for you meals. A lightbulb went off in my mind.

When I was a child Nana would shoo us out of her kitchen, as a result not much was learned about the basics let alone complicated family dishes. That is indeed a sad lost art since she has passed and the opportunity to share how to make something is gone forever. In my own kitchen I cook at least one meal per day and in doing so I have always had at my feet my favorite cat and at my bar a child or two to talk to while doing so. In my house the preparing is as much fun as the consuming!

Chef Tarsha and Chef Jim did not know one another but they were brought together by me and the common interest we all share of teaching children and a love for food. I asked Chef Jim if we could use his kitchen and asked Chef Tarsha is she would come to Sugar Land to create something amazing for our children. They both agreed to come together and do this for me and for your children.

In July, each Tuesday at Turquoise Grill in Sugar Land with Chef Tarsha we are having a ECOTONE cooking experience. The children are going to learn about where our food comes from, how to harvest and prepare something fabulous and healthy.
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