The Lifestyle with Alisa Murray “Where’s Jesus?” October 2017


This Harvey thing has been a real eye opener about humanity. We have as a society been caught up fighting over politics and dumb stuff and then along came a storm and washed us. Nothing is more important than survival and when that is threatened we stick up for each other and we come together and then out of the bad… really good things happen. Over the past few days, many of us have found ourselves not only uncomfortable but also for some completely displaced. Hearing the loud speaker going down Sienna or into Missouri CIty and Sugar Land asking you to leave everything that you have worked for and to not know when you will return or even if when you do if there will be a thing left is unnerving, scary and surreal to say the least. When bad things happen it is striking how we come together and help others without a second thought. When others are reaching out to be helped we form a human chain and securely and safely save them from danger. You might not be able to see or never really understood how Jesus shows up but that my friends is Jesus.
We live, as many of you know in an area that was expected to flood and thankfully it did not but the tornados wrecked havoc on the entire neighborhood first night and many suffered with no power for a week! During times like this we see great acts of kindness. People come from all over the place to assist in any way they can. It is often said that kindness is not achieved through large gestures but through small ones and when others are hurting it does not take much to make a BIG difference!
I for one found that my neighbors who are dear friends were more than willing to let us bathe and do our laundry. Another neighbor brought us her generator and had she not done that then we would not have stayed and we would have lost so much more! Our pool guy called and offered his home, many clients called and kept calling and offering their homes. The outpouring of love and KINDNESS was overwhelming! Later we discovered that our nanny and gardener had tried to get to us and neither of their cars could get into the neighborhood. They went back all the way across town in high waters and borrowed a truck just to make sure we were ok and did not nee to be rescued! Jesus was there doing that. Once the power came back on, people came together to make a plan to get things done, clean things up and make life move forward once again. It takes a community to come together and through little acts of kindness we all show goodness that is deep down in all of us. God has wonderful ways of bringing out the best in people. Although I wish, as everyone does, that Harvery had not come I can also say that having lived through the experience of Harvery has showed me yet another example of the goodness we have deep down and through kindness we can minister and heal one another!


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