Sun-dried Chicken with Spinach & mushrooms over Linguine

You’ll need: 12 Chicken thighs skinned sprinkled with salt and pepper both sidesA handful of fresh Spinach (like 16-24 leaves)8 large basil leaves from the garden sliced and diced 1 cup of sliced thin Baby Bella mushrooms1/2 cup of cream1/2 stick of butter2 tablespoons of garlic salt7 sun dried tomatoes 3 tablespoons of sound dried tomato infused oil1 red onion diced1 package of linguine cooked according to the box

In a pan heat the sun dried tomato oil. Add in the chicken and brown up the meat. Remove from pan and add in the Sun dried tomatoes, spinach, onions, mushrooms with butter and garlic salt and herb and cook till tender, add back in the chicken and pour in the cream. Let sit simmering under a cover for ten minutes while you finish up cooking the pasta. Drain the pasta and plate it. Scoop chicken and veggies over the pasta and skim over the top to gather and pour the creamy sauce. 

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