“The Lifestyle” with Alisa Murray 

Have you noticed how different a text or email is from an actual call or face to face conversation? Lately I have been especially keen to pay attention and try to add a nuance or three so that my communication is not misread or worse still misinterpreted! I am always cheerful when I meet friends and clients and so assuming that they get whatever I am trying to communicate in a cheerful way is indeed a difficult task given only words to deliver the message. 

They say that this next generation will buy everything from home and prefer to text over face to face communications. That last part, whatever sociologist came up with is not a revelation…these kids text all day and night and it’s very difficult, although doable; to get a family dinner without technology. My son just the other day asked me “what is the purpose of a mall?” If you could have seen my face it was a hard stare and an eye roll! The whole concept of going to a place to casually spend time and interact while also shopping is a foreign land to the next generation! I explained how seeing people and being a part of their lives is what humans are supposed to do and not just order stuff and have it delivered. He was not sold on the idea, especially since he thinks he can get hot cheaper online and in less time. 

I found a great emoji thing that you can put some details to to make it look like you a little and mine came out pretty close to what I look like…close enough that when I use it in texting my friends and clients laugh. They send back a bubble that says “ha ha.” Now that’s actually funny. We have a bubble responder to indicate if we are laughing without hearing the laughter of our friends. Funny? Maybe even scary! I still pick up the phone and call people each day and when the text or email is confusing or getting to where I am questioning the tone I need to call, just so I can hear in their voice what they are feeling. 

So the next time you have the chance to send an email try adding an Bitmoji. Your point will come across more clearly and there will be virtually no chance of a miscommunication in your texts and emails. 

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