The Lifestyle with Alisa Murray “The Art of Power” December 2017


The art of power is a finely trained skill. Power is most often described as someone who can overtake, force change etc. What if we looked at this differently? Instead of striving to be powerful and strong in a forceful display, perhaps we should consider being more weak and kind. Our society trains us to see successful as being powerful but reality shows us that being flexible and sincere actually creates a more successful life…and I would argue most ardently a more pleasant one!

Laozi was a 6th-century BC philosopher who believed and repeatedly spoke of power and how it effects relationships. He stated that “imposing your will on others in an act of strength ultimately fails because resentment is bred in those we dominate.” That can be seen in so many situations both fact and fiction. It is always as Nana used to say “easier to get cooperation with kindness and not through being a bully.” Imagine how much we could accomplish in all aspects of our lives if we were to consistently strive to be equal and show respect towards others? It’s a world that we all can at least wish for.

Influencing others is best done with treating others as we would like to be treated… not hard really to understand but sometimes such a difficult task to actually do! Water is a great example of this in nature. Water, when faced with an obstacle goes around it and over it and sometimes it leaves a gentle groove in its path. It leaves changes gently. Although for some of us with this recent storm Harvey might argue differently on that! LOL

Seriously though, power is best displayed quietly through understanding the situation and another’s perspective. Doing the right thing at the right time and showing in even a small way kindness goes a long way in getting what you want. And that’s true power and influence!



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