The Lifestyle with Alisa Murray “Love Yourself First” November 2017


So recently I was visiting with some friends and the conversation turned to how much do you love yourself? Most of us do not love ourselves like we should. The amount of time we spend in our negative thought patterns really does effect our relationship with others and most importantly ourselves. Our thoughts are in so many ways who we become. When we are not loving towards ourselves we find ourselves not only critical of others but ourselves and that creates a circle of self deplete. When we accept ourselves others’s opinions disappear. What does loving yourself look like though? Love is subjective and takes many forms. There’s passionate love that we have for our spouse, familial love that we have for our mothers and daddy’s and siblings, love for our friends and love that takes many forms such as playful, and unconditional. But ask yourself this question…How much do you love yourself?
You might be surprised by your answer. We are always in a give and take with ourselves as to how we rate our self worth and that directly relates to our happiness…spilling into our relationships eventually because let’s face it, you can no truly love others until you love oneself.

Much study has been done on levels of happiness and how we as humans give of ourselves mire fully when we have a healthy loving relationship with ourselves. There’s a few things that you can do that will help you in the path to becoming more accepting of you, where you are right now in your life’s path and will in turn guide you towards having deeper more meaningful relationships with those that you love.

Always remember that you are the Queen or King of your castle. If you find something that makes you feel special…and it sure does not have to be expensive, treat yourself everyday to it! It could be that every afternoon you make a cup of tea and just watch the birds in your bak yard. It could also mean saving for a trio once a year to a place you have always wanted to go. Pick the city and plan the trip over several months like going on an expedition! All these will have a positive effect on your self worth because you are taking time to love yourself and value YOU!

Knowing how vital our internal feelings about ourselves spills into how we feel about or loved ones is key to living a healthy life. Give yourself permission to take a break and become a little self absorbed because the end results means you are there better for your family, children and friends. Even your life’s work will benefit if you are the best you can be! Mindfulness, which I have written about for years; places you in the moment and does not allow for you to miss special moments. Moments of your children’s laughter, the birds singing or your own pure joys. You can remind yourself daily that you are worthy and your desires are valid and should be priority to living your life. That my friends is how you love all the way around!

Take Care of YOU!

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