How do you find your Peace and Quiet?                         

Where’s your happy place? Mine is the beach…which is where I am right now…in my mind! 
If you desire to find peace and quiet on a daily basis, one way is to take something very special to you that reminds you of your special spot and to make a place for that in your home. For example, gather shells from the shore and sand and in a place that you are comfortable include those things. This might be even by painting that space in those colors or collecting books that you have read at the beach and having a corner in a comfy chair that you can pursue through where all this wonderful cozy feelings come rushing back.
Another way to create some tranquility is to display your favorite quotes around your house. Make the conscious decision to feel harmonious by adding things like bible scriptures or famous authors ad artists sayings. Many decorators use these inter designs and the funny thing is when you display these and see them everyday they become a part of your unconscious mantra. You are around them all day in your home and you don’t even think about it but they become a part of your life. I have an old one that I remember was always at a favorite beach home we rented as a child on Hilton Head, SC …It read “Don’t Worry…Be Happy!” Some things just never get old do they? 
An absolute necessity for any home is the use of fresh flowers and live plants. I cringe when I think ion the days that I had a fake ficus in every room of my house! YUCK. Live plants bring in not only a sense of natural beauty but they also act as filters and improve the quality of air we breathe. I always try to keep a blooming orchid or violets with because they are beautiful but more importantly because they remind me of my Nana. 
Probably the best thing we can all do to find a sense of peace and quiet is to decide that 2018 will be the year we are plugged into social less. Checking those likes and scrolling through other people’s live is not really living at all and certainly does not promote a sense of peacefulness! Whether you add a special nook with reminders of your favorite place on earth or add a little plant to your window, one thing is for sure; taking time to just think and be is a grand step forward in living your best life! 

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