Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Things to do in August | #alisamurray

Top 10 things to do in August!
with “Auntie A”

Make an appointment with a photographer (not mentioning any names he he he) and book your family holiday portraits. My holiday sets are up by last week of July to get everybody what they need by year’s end.
Get a comprehensive list made of holiday gift list so that you can begin on that early and not be rushed to find thoughtless gifts for your friends and loved ones.
Plant Chrysanthemums in the yard. They are bright yellow and shades of plum and gold, just perfect for fall! Psst… they will come back next year!
Begin looking at Christmas Vacation getaways so you can jump on the early bird deals
Schedule a Day at the Spa for serious pampering with a facial and a massage
Enroll the children in an art or music class.
Pull all curtains down and have them dry cleaned
Read at least two good books, on my nightside table now… “Action” by Amy Rose Spiegel and “Foreign Agent” by Brad Thor.
Stop a Cop and say Thank you for doing a good job keeping our community safe.
Set a date for three of your best friends to come for a fall dinner party with their children. Get the date set and invitation sent out

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