Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Things to do in September| #alisamurray


Top 10 things to do in September! with “Auntie A”

  1. Create a wish bowl for each family member to add to and take from and begin instilling in your children a giving and being thankful mentality. We keep ours in the kitchen and oftentimes I ask the children to place in the bowl items they want for christmas and things they would like to do.
  2. Keep working on your holiday shopping list so that you can be finished early and not rushed as the holidays approach.
  3. Pick a room in your home and give it a makeover… freshly paint it and wash all the curtains and pillows.. fall cleaning goes faster when you do one room with focus at a time.

  4. Keep looking at Christmas Vacation getaways and call your agent to get the best deals and get booked!
  5. Schedule a makeup lesson with your make up artist and learn about all the latest techniques in eye makeup so you are all set for the upcoming holiday parties.
  6. Have the children go through their toys and books and make a box of stuff to give away.
  7. Have all the carpets steam cleaned in your house
  8. Read at least two good books, on my nightside table now… “Grief is the thing with feather”

    by Max Porter and “Beautiful Bombshell” by Christina Lawson

  9. Pick an hour in your week and dedicate it to writing. Sit and sip tea and let your thoughts

    flow onto the page. Write about your children, how you feel about the world right now.. let

    your mind wander and write down where it leads you…

  10. Pick an elderly person in your church or go to the nursing home and bring them some

    flowers. Try to set up a monthly “date” to visit and get to know them.

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