Houston Award Winning Columnist | Alisa Murray’s “Living the Sweetlife” | July 2015 | “A Love Story”

Once upon a time in a land called the Carolina’s there lived a little boy named Brian and a little girl named Alisa. They went to school together…played in the school yard together and rode the same school bus home. In elementary school Brian held Alisa’s hand when she cried and missed her mother and in high school listened in the phone as she lamented over his best friend being a turd which high school boys are prone to be. Eventually Brian let Alisa in on a little secret that he was secretly in love with her and the rest is as they say history.
Yes, folks if you get the chance to ever find your best friend and they are also your lover, your soulmate your well….your everything then you understand where I speak from and that it is from a place in my heart that only really someone who has been there could understand. It’s a wonderful thing to be married and the reason I feel this way is obviously because of my experiences.
Twenty Five years have passed in what seems like a blink of an eye. Life has happened, children have been lost and born and raised and almost leaving our nest. We have had grandparents and parents to pass; and all through it together we have stood. It seems a difficult thing now to actually exist with out him.
Over the years we have realized that there are many types of marriages. Marriages mean different things to different people even still different in other cultures. What I have recognized though is that there are people who are married that truly are fit for one another. They fancy the others moves in the world and in there private spaces they care so deeply for one another that they exist as one. Other marriages occur with the hopes of evolving to the point of finishing sentences and somewhere there is a divide, whether in interests or new found distractions; the couple is not focused intently on one another. This is the recipe for divorces and affairs and other misadventures in married life. Unfortunately this is too often the case.
My grandparents loved in the way that I love Brian. I told him when I married him if he turned out to be half of the man my Big Daddy was then we’d be just fine. He adored my Granny. He 006 IMG_1171 (1) IMG_6339 scan0033 - Version 2called her mommy and she loved him back just as fiercely. Once upon a time in a land called the Carolina’s they were in school together and he had played with her in the school yard. One day when they were in High school they were sitting on a bench and while holding her hand he asked her for it for forever. They had babies and lost babies, most notably my own mother and that nearly killed them both; but they grew more together and found the strength together to help raise me. They showed me what it meant to be truly in love and I thank God everyday for my sweet and loving Brian. We are so blessed to be one of the fortunate that are perfectly paired. Life is so short and what we have is so special. I’ll say it like Big Daddy surely would have said to Granny, “I Love You ‘Good’!” Happy 25th Anniversary my Darling! I am treasuring every day we have together!
Take Care of You!

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