Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Things to Do in October | #alisamurray

Top 10 things to do in October!
with “Auntie A”

Well folks, it’s time to get the fall planting done and fresh herbs planted for the upcoming months. Head over to the garden shop and purchase new tomato plants, dill, basil,thyme,sage and cucumbers. While you’re there I also want…
You to purchase a few trees and plant those in your yard too…it’s a good time with things cooling off and prices are at the best of the year right now
In your kitchen…start a “starter” and soon you’ll be ready to bake breads for your neighbors and friends for holiday harvest giving. (see how to below)
Decorate your doorstep with fall foliage and pumpkins and your hearth and staircase with seasonal lighting and garlands…add a few glittery pumpkins for some extra pizzazz!
Make a Monogram Wreath by taking a letter purchased for your local hobby store and gluing foliage to the frame.
Make Wrapped Poached Pears…they are so impressive when hosting an afternoon tea with friends. Go to for the recipe
Of course, read at least two good books, on my nightside table now…”Blowback” by Brad Thor and “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo” by Amy Schumer
Gather beautiful fresh flowers in the colors of fall and adorn your dinner table with an arrangement. Add Eucalyptus and berries for a real yummy showpiece for your family to enjoy.
Go get a mammogram and donate blood and get a flu shot! Lots to do but all must be done! 🙂
Go by the homeless shelter and drop off the baskets you’ve been collecting of give away items in your home from fall cleaning. Ask the children to sign up to feed the homeless one day a month from now till end of the year.

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