Alisa Murray | Award winning columnist and photographer | Living the Sweet Life | Top 5 Essential oils for you to plant in your garden this fall | November 2016

The  Top 5 Ethereal Oils you should plant in your garden this fall! I just planted the fall garden and it got me to thinking about just how much I use my garden in both cooking but in practical things around the house. It’s pretty easy even with our crazy hot weather to keep rosemary, […]

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Award Winning Photographer Alisa Murray Houston Texas

Award winning Columnist and Photographer | Alisa Murray’s Living The Sweet Life Celebrating a Very Happy 10th Birthday! November 2015

Ten years ago Micheal Fredrickson called me after I wrote about creating artistic spaces for children for one of his other publications and stated very matter of factly “ Alisa, you are a writer!” I laughed at him and said “well…I graduated with honors from University of Houston!” He then asked me if I would […]

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