Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | Little Sweet Thoughts | #alisamurray

Happy Friday to all! Today I found something that is beautiful and sweet from one of my favorite magazines! BellaGrace! Hope to one day write for them regularly… Their Motto is seamlessly aligned with mine which is why we’d make a perfect fit! “We Believe: An Ordinary Life can be extraordinary,there is beauty in IMPERFECTION,and that Magic can be found in the everyday.” Amen 🙂

Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | Little Sweet Thoughts | #february2017 #alisamurray

Today’s :Little Sweet Thoughts

It is when you are going through the most difficult chapter of your life that your HERO IS REVEALED, and how beautiful it is when you finally realize you have the strength with God’s help to save yourself…

Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | #love | February 2017

Who do you love? When you think about your life do you have a clear understanding of the role that love plays for you? I know that I do. Love is the theme of this month’s issue and me and my Valentine are your cover. Inside that story is a tale of a great love for each other, for our children and of what we do. Once I heard a sermon that Bishop spoke and he said that in the end that was all we would have. The love from others we had touched along the way. Nothing else matters. I understand that lesson.

Love is probably the one thing we all need. Many artists have sung about it, I’d venture to state that all artists have had a muse that inspired them to create. We hear their songs and whether it be lamenting on lost love or of profound joy of love at last, all of us in every language can relate. Love is universal.

The Bible tells us many truths and states states quite clearly about Love. In 1 Corinthians 13:4-8New International Version (NIV)
4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. Yep, pretty clear to me.

In the many years that I have been on earth I have learned the greatest thing we can all do for one another is to love. It is difficult to do when things are not going the way we had hoped. Harder still when tragedy strikes and leaves us left with many wonderings of why. In the end though if you keep love in your heart and seek to find peace you will find exactly that. God has His way with things.

Being in love is different from having love and it’s important to know that there’s a need in all of our hearts for both. For the better part of 29 years I have been in love with Brian. We have grown in love through joys, strife…in sickness and in health…while grieving and through unexplainable joys and successes. We have lost two babies, and have been raising two, plus one brand new son in law! We have enjoyed each other fully through the years and been a helpmate as we have lost parents, grandparents, friends and family.

For the better part of 19 years we have loved what our talents have allowed us to bring by the way of joy and happiness to so many families. While oftentimes we capture the falling in love of new parents as they welcome and cherish their babies…an off spring of what their union in love has brought forth, we also capture the twinkles in the eyes of proud grandparents and the simple purest love of a dog and his person. You might say we are to a certain extinct in the “love” business.

#love was the number one used handler for 2016. It made me smile when I heard that because it signified for me that the world, despite all of our differences still “gets” it. I love the fact that love will always prevail in all circumstances. That should make everybody smile too!

Make your life filled with love each day of the year. Love what you do, who you are around and give thanks for each of the people in your life that you get to touch.
Happy Valentine’s!

Alisa Murray’s Living the Sweet Life | January 2017| Hello again January! You my friend are in the HOT seat!

Living the Sweet Life January 2017

Hello Again January! You my friend, are in the HOT seat!
Well my darlings! It’s finally here! Another New Year and I don’t think I could be more happier than I am right now. Last year was filled with so many things…very few good and lots of very very bad. Thus leaving me anticipating 2017 for quite some time. Why is it that January always puts us into that frame of mind? For sure…there’s the changing of the actual year which encourages CHANGE. With anything new, especially a whole year before us we always seem to want to challenge ourselves which then leads us to those pesky resolutions we try to bother with. I though have decided that January marks a new beginning. I’ll not be making lots of crazy goals that I will then have to lament come mid year about having not accomplished… nope.. not this ole’ Auntie A! This year I am going to BREATHE!
I am going to spend less time doing and lot’s of time thinking. I am going to enjoy each day as if it were my very last. I am not going to one thing about my weight or pressure myself to exercise. And…if that notion, a far off notion that it surely is; were to strike then I guess yes I reckon I might have to STRETCH!
I am going to write and take note of all around me. I am going to make the decision to be unavailable for 30 whole days in a row! God only knows what mischief I will get into! I am going to access every room in my house and remove everything that no longer suits me. As my “stuff” piles high, I will scoot it closer to the door and then I will KICK it out! I promise.
After all I will be turning 47 next month and there’s my first book coming out too. It’s time to be in my moments and enjoying each one of them. Children are growing and soon they will be GONE!
So January…I think I may have accidentally done what I had hoped I wouldn’t do to you! Yes, I ahem…I just made some crazy goals and yes I will be frazzled come June if they are not either finished or well on that way. It’s called LIVING! Those that move forward have to in order to ACCOMPLISH! I am truly sorry dear January.. You are definitely in the HOT seat!

Hope each of Ya’ll have a Wonderful January!
Take Care of YOU!

Alisa Murray aka. Auntie A’s Top Ten things to do in November

The “LIST”
Top 10 things to do in November!
with “Auntie A”
Each day this month write something you are grateful for in a memo on your iphone. When doing your daily meditations refer to this growing list.
Download the app “Buddhify” and watch yourself transform into a meditating and calm guru during this busy holiday season!
Go to the farmers market and gather the best blueberries and go to your garden and grab some thyme and below you’ll see my recipe for my homemade preserves. I would go back through my “gift list” and make up a bunch of these so gifts are all done!
Walk through the trees and take pictures of the sun as it develops beautiful shadows at sunset or sunrise. Download that to your desktop and be mindful of how blessed you are to be ALIVE!
On my nightside table….”The Golden Condom” by Jeanne Safer, PHD and “Anatomy of a Soldier” by Harry Parker.
Instead of buying the little wax thing’s to make your house smell good add to your burners a spoonful of coconut oil and allspice and nutmeg or cinnamon.
Power wash your driveway and deck so in the most probable case scenario of us having a “warm” Thanksgiving you’re outdoor spaces will be beautiful gathering places for your family and friends.
Drop off boxes of cereal to “Lunches of Love” Did you know that one box of cereal will feed a hungry child from Friday our of school till Monday returning back? With the seasonal school breaks coming up we need to stock up on cereal to be ready for both Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks for the children.
9. Find out through your church who has a needy family and sponsor them for their food, toys and decorations.
10. Be sure to have a basket at the front door of your home for cell phones. During the meal ask that no-one check in or be online so as to be PRESENT and MINDFUL of the live time of Thanksgiving this year.