Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Things to Do in October | #alisamurray

Top 10 things to do in October!
with “Auntie A”

Well folks, it’s time to get the fall planting done and fresh herbs planted for the upcoming months. Head over to the garden shop and purchase new tomato plants, dill, basil,thyme,sage and cucumbers. While you’re there I also want…
You to purchase a few trees and plant those in your yard too…it’s a good time with things cooling off and prices are at the best of the year right now
In your kitchen…start a “starter” and soon you’ll be ready to bake breads for your neighbors and friends for holiday harvest giving. (see how to below)
Decorate your doorstep with fall foliage and pumpkins and your hearth and staircase with seasonal lighting and garlands…add a few glittery pumpkins for some extra pizzazz!
Make a Monogram Wreath by taking a letter purchased for your local hobby store and gluing foliage to the frame.
Make Wrapped Poached Pears…they are so impressive when hosting an afternoon tea with friends. Go to for the recipe
Of course, read at least two good books, on my nightside table now…”Blowback” by Brad Thor and “The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo” by Amy Schumer
Gather beautiful fresh flowers in the colors of fall and adorn your dinner table with an arrangement. Add Eucalyptus and berries for a real yummy showpiece for your family to enjoy.
Go get a mammogram and donate blood and get a flu shot! Lots to do but all must be done! 🙂
Go by the homeless shelter and drop off the baskets you’ve been collecting of give away items in your home from fall cleaning. Ask the children to sign up to feed the homeless one day a month from now till end of the year.

Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Things to do in September| #alisamurray


Top 10 things to do in September! with “Auntie A”

  1. Create a wish bowl for each family member to add to and take from and begin instilling in your children a giving and being thankful mentality. We keep ours in the kitchen and oftentimes I ask the children to place in the bowl items they want for christmas and things they would like to do.
  2. Keep working on your holiday shopping list so that you can be finished early and not rushed as the holidays approach.
  3. Pick a room in your home and give it a makeover… freshly paint it and wash all the curtains and pillows.. fall cleaning goes faster when you do one room with focus at a time.

  4. Keep looking at Christmas Vacation getaways and call your agent to get the best deals and get booked!
  5. Schedule a makeup lesson with your make up artist and learn about all the latest techniques in eye makeup so you are all set for the upcoming holiday parties.
  6. Have the children go through their toys and books and make a box of stuff to give away.
  7. Have all the carpets steam cleaned in your house
  8. Read at least two good books, on my nightside table now… “Grief is the thing with feather”

    by Max Porter and “Beautiful Bombshell” by Christina Lawson

  9. Pick an hour in your week and dedicate it to writing. Sit and sip tea and let your thoughts

    flow onto the page. Write about your children, how you feel about the world right now.. let

    your mind wander and write down where it leads you…

  10. Pick an elderly person in your church or go to the nursing home and bring them some

    flowers. Try to set up a monthly “date” to visit and get to know them.

Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Things to do in August | #alisamurray

Top 10 things to do in August!
with “Auntie A”

Make an appointment with a photographer (not mentioning any names he he he) and book your family holiday portraits. My holiday sets are up by last week of July to get everybody what they need by year’s end.
Get a comprehensive list made of holiday gift list so that you can begin on that early and not be rushed to find thoughtless gifts for your friends and loved ones.
Plant Chrysanthemums in the yard. They are bright yellow and shades of plum and gold, just perfect for fall! Psst… they will come back next year!
Begin looking at Christmas Vacation getaways so you can jump on the early bird deals
Schedule a Day at the Spa for serious pampering with a facial and a massage
Enroll the children in an art or music class.
Pull all curtains down and have them dry cleaned
Read at least two good books, on my nightside table now… “Action” by Amy Rose Spiegel and “Foreign Agent” by Brad Thor.
Stop a Cop and say Thank you for doing a good job keeping our community safe.
Set a date for three of your best friends to come for a fall dinner party with their children. Get the date set and invitation sent out

Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Things to Do in July | #alisamurray

Top 10 things to do in July!
with “Auntie A”

Clean out the garage and begin your storage bins of A. things to keep and B. things to give away so that by end of year you’ll be ready to make a donation just in time for someone else’s holiday
Start thinking about the surplus in your garden and if not buy a surplus of fresh farm to market and can some veggies and make preserves for the fall months ahead
Prepare for family celebrations all month long
Schedule a beautiful evening diner party with several of your closest friends
Make some popsicles for the children to enjoy while playing in our Texas sunshine
Begin shopping for the children back to school supplies… the best get stocked in stores in July and by August they’ll be picked over so get them this month!
Begin preliminary shopping for family Christmas gifts including getting a family portrait scheduled so your holiday cards are done ahead and are on time
Read at least two good books, on my nightside table now… Are We Having Any Fun Yet? The cooking and partying handbook by Sammy Hagar and The Road to Character by David Brooks
Get each of the children their own blank sketch book and ask them each day to either draw, write or paint something. You can theme the weeks of July or leave them to do whatever they fancy but this will keep their minds sharp for the upcoming school year
As Always…Go to the park, zoo, or pool with your children and no cell phone. Admire them in the sunshine and listen to what they have to say about life

Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Things to do in June | #alisamurray

Top 10 things to do in June!
with “Auntie A”

Pick one area in your yard and plant flowers, some of the early spring ones we all planted are looking pretty shabby by the time the heat comes in June
Weekly go to the farmer’s market to fill in with fresh produce locally that you did not plant in your garden
Prepare Father’s Day Brunch menu (see sample below for mine)
Go online and look at the local public library’s summer reading suggestions for your children and encourage them to enroll in their summer reading program…they have prizes
Schedule a beautiful weekend off to Galveston or up to Austin with just your spouse
Make a pitcher of fruit water daily and keep hydrated while enjoying freshly infused waters with cucumbers or strawberries
Book a family getaway for the week or weekend before school starts so that you and your children can destress one last time before all the scheduling comes back into our lives
Read at least two good books, on my nightside table now… The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton and attachment by Isabel Fonseca
Find three teens that will need something to set them off to college such as a towel set, new socks or a case of Ramen noodles and buy it for them
As Always…Go to the park, zoo, or pool with your children and no cell phone. Admire them in the sunshine and listen to what they have to say about life